Introducing the new DockATot “On The Go” collection.

Brand new clutch changers, getaway totes and base protectors for wherever your parenting moments take you.
  • Roma Patel
  • February 18, 2021

We're delighted to announce that our brand new "On The Go" range is now available. This stylish collection features handy sized clutch change bags and larger tote bags for days out and trips away. We've also designed a waterproof base for your dock to keep it clean and dry at the beach, the park, or wherever you find yourselves.

dockatot on the go collection

This winter has seen us all tucked away at home drinking cups of tea and dreaming of better days. But as spring and summer approach, the weather gets warmer and lockdown restrictions ease, getting out and about with a baby in tow will be a whole new experience for first-time parents.

The DockATot "On The Go" collection will help parents adjust to this new normal as they venture further afield. So here's a quick overview of all of our DockATot "On The Go" products.

The clutch changer

Leaving the house with an infant in tow invariably involves a lot of packing. Having all the essentials in one handy-sized clutch means you can access them in an emergency – you know the kind we mean - without having to rifle through all your belongings.

Thanks to its lightweight, slim line design, the clutch changer slips easily into a larger day bag or at the bottom of your pram. As well as plenty of practical pockets and pouches, there's a changing mat built right into the design – so you'll never be stuck without one.

There are two striking designs to choose from for your DockATot clutch changer.


The gender-neutral camo print works for both mums and dads. Whether you're out for a hike in the country with baby in the sling, or popping to town once the shops open again, this print looks the part in any setting.

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Whoever said parenting products had to be purely practical. We’ve also added our much loved bronze cheetah pattern, which is a favourite among our DockATot covers. Make parenting look fabulous with this high-fashion print!

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DockATot Getaway Tote

After so much time at home, your little one may feel comforted by the familiar shape of their dock. So it’s a perfect travel companion once you start getting out and about again, helping them adjust to the great outdoors. Plus, once restrictions are lifted, the travel bag keeps all your baby accessories in one place when spending a weekend visiting relatives again.

The DockATot travel bag is made to comfortably fit your dock and all your baby accessories for a day out. There are multiple interior pockets as well as two detachable pouches so you can keep everything organised to perfection.

Alongside your DockATot and change bag, there are plenty of other things you'll want handy to make the day run smoothly - toys, snacks and sun cream, as well as an extra layer if it turns cold.

Luxe or Sport Tote

You can choose from two great styles for the DockATot Getaway Tote. Our camouflage print Luxe bag is the perfect companion to the Luxe clutch changer. Or you may prefer the sleek, navy gloss of the Sport Tote.

Base protector

Days out with baby are a lot of fun as you get to introduce them to new experiences, sights and sounds. DockATot docks are designed to be light and portable so you have somewhere for your little one to relax wherever they are.

The base protectors are waterproof liners that lie underneath the baby dock. They protect your DockATot from getting wet or dirty, keeping it looking new for longer. This gives you peace of mind whenever you're out for picnics or relaxing in the garden. Your little one can rest securely in the shade of a tree and watch the birds and butterflies overhead.

The base protectors come in a handy drawstring bag so they pack away easily. Just tuck one in your DockATot travel bag or in the basket of your pram and you're ready to go.

Enjoy the outdoors with DockATot On the Go

One of the things our customers love best about the DockATots is how easy they are to transport. We hope our DockATot "On The Go" collection will make the transition out of lockdown easier for parents. Knowing you have all you need will make your days out and weekends away all the more enjoyable as you introduce your baby to the wider world.

Discover DockATot's "On The Go" Collection

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