Curule Silver

The Curule Base features a stylish square cross-section and legs that appear to be gently kissing the ground. The silver finish complements both the crisp Carrara Marble design and the elegant tufted designs. The base is coated in liquid ecological paint without the use of heavy metals and galvanic bathes. Because each base is handmade and unique, slight imperfections may appear.
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  • Created to support the Aristot Bassinet.
  • To support Aristot Bassinet, Ottoman or Tabletop.


  • Designed in Sweden, made in Europe.
  • For use with Aristot Bassinet, Ottoman or Tabletop only.
  • Coating: Liquid ecological acrylic paint without the use of heavy metals and galvanic bathes.
  • Each base is handmade and unique, therefore slight imperfections may appear.
  • Dimensions
    Length 30.3 in; Width, 16.7 in; Height, 15.7 in; Weight: 25lbs
    Length: 77 cm; Width: 42.5 cm; Height: 40 cm; Weight: 11.50kg

Safety Testing and Certification:  

  • Designed and tested to stringent global bassinet standards (ASTM F2194, EN 1130).
  • Meets or exceeds children’s product general safety regulations (US CPSIA 2008).
  • Testing for the presence of harmful heavy metals and other chemicals

Care Instructions:

  • BASE - Periodically wipe metal parts clean with a damp, soft cloth. Always dry the metal parts to prevent the formation of rust.


    Curule Silver

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